A Stitch In Time….

Hi and Welcome to “the folk village” or in my part of the country…..le village artisanal.

My name is Linda and I have had a passion for quilting and wool applique for as long as I can remember.

I live in the country on a dairy and beef farm and love all things country and primitive. I admire the Gatineau Hills from my front porch. The view I have from here is what inspires my creativity. I share my life with my farmer husband, 2 grown sons, daughter in law, grand-daughter and grand-son as well as lots of Cows & Chickens, a few bison and resident cats on our 5th generation Dairy and Beef Farm.


Back in the early 90’s I thought I would take the quilt world by storm and make the quilting aunts in my family proud. A “trip around the world” design I would attempt. How hard could that be? Four solids…black, cream, burgundy and forest green would be my palette. Get out the scissors and the cereal box cardboard…just as I had seen my aunts do  many years ago. I would draw each square ,cut them  out with scissors and lay them in a pleasing pattern on the living room floor. Armed with an old used sewing machine, while knowing nothing about 1/4″ seam allowances  or patchwork feet, I completed my first quilt top. My hand quilting was much to be desired….some might have called it basting, lol, but I was proud! I was hooked and couldn’t get enough fabric, designs, tools, patterns, books, you name it, I was hungry for knowledge.

I joined a small quilt group and then onto the quilds. I was not one to do things “sort of”, and before long I was creating my own designs. The “folk village” began to take shape back in 2002. I designed and sold patterns under the “folk village” name while working at a local quilt shop. I leaned towards the simple country style. Later I designed and taught landscape art quilts under the name “Quality Quilts”.

I always seemed to be pulled back to the simple or country style of quilting shall we say. Wool Applique had been a yearning of mine for some time. I love the feel of the wool, the simple stitches and easy style of the shapes. Dying my own wool and providing shops and clients with my “Colored with Care” bundles while teaching  a Wool Club has been a realized passion.

My hope is that readers of “the folk village” blog will be encouraged to follow, find or create their own passion. “Folks” never know what they can do if they don’t try.

I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion with all of you!

Country Folk, City Folk, Young Folk and Elder Folk…follow along with me and we can all learn from one another.

Simplify… with Linda

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